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Viva Maris has the vision to bring the long forgotten seaweeds back to the western civilization. These are macro-seaweeds like “Sugar kelp” which grow in a natural way in the Ocean. The target is, to make this natural seaweed, which is rich on vitamin and minerals, available to people in the western hemisphere. Seaweed got forgotten within the last years, but it is one of the oldest food products known. And algae are a high-quality and healthy food.

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Seaweed food products

How do we contribute to increased sustainability?

Algae is one of the most important growing back resources at all.
For all our Viva Maris products we only use the pure kelp, no kelp essences or substrates. This is because we think and act environmentally sustainable and do not want to use natural resources for the growth of the algae. Our macro-kelp growth up in aquacultures in the ocean.

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High innovative food products made with seaweed

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