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The Seaweed Shack is an environmental start-up with a focus on local marine polyculture as a tool for resilience in the face of environmental and socioeconomic challenges.

Phytoplankton (photosynthetic cyanobacteria & single-celled algae) are the original primary producers responsible for the oxygenation of Earth’s atmosphere, absorbing the majority of carbon dioxide. Micro- and macroalgae therefore offer a ready-made solution to restore Earth’s climate to pre-industrial levels.

Through cooperation and innovation in the field of restorative aquaculture, the Shack aims to become a blueprint for regenerative circular bioeconomies, restoring native ecosystems whilst meeting multiple entry points in the value chain, providing economic opportunities and building capacities for both rural coastal communities and climate refugees.

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The Seaweed Shack aligns with UN Sustainable Development Goals, applying the ecosystem approach to simultaneously address the biodiversity, food security, health and plastic pollution crises.

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