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Spirulina is worlds TOP5 superfood, edible microalgae that contains 4 type of antioxidants, B group vitamins, provitamon A, all essential amonacids and other bioactive substances.
SpirulinaNord team has developed innovative spirulina cultivation system - bioreactors, that allows to grow tropical microalgae in any climate and weather.
We sell fresh spirulina because fresh spirulina is tasty and contain up to 8x more antioxidants than dried spirulina.

What is our main product and/or service?

Fresh spirulina (food) and products containing fresh spirulina

How do we contribute to increased sustainability?

We have developed technology that use less water and nutrients than traditional spirulina cultivation systems and much less than traditional agriculture. All wastewater streams are controlled.

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Tasty pure fresh spirulina frozen in portions

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