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At Simris, we grow and harvest one of the earth’s most primordial crops: seaborne plants that invented photosynthesis, which is the power to harness sunlight for energy, and essential to all life on earth. Algae naturally produce many unique substances and essential nutrients which are vital to human and animal health. Our business is to harness these substances, and deliver state-of-the-art, pure and traceable products that give people access to these sun-packed gifts of the sea.

What is our main product and/or service?

Plant-based omega-3 from farmed microalgae

How do we contribute to increased sustainability?

We save and protect endangered marine habitats by developing unique ingredients from farmed microalgae instead of from fish or other marine animals. Furthermore, our algae farm is at the absolute forefront of technology, with circular economy and industrial symbiosis as integral principles, with minimal environmental footprints.

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What we offer

DHA & EPA rich omega-3s made from farmed microalge

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