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The Kieler Meeresfarm (Kiel Marinefarm, KMF) is a local producer of fresh blue mussels and sugar kelp in the Kiel Fjord, Germany. Within the German Baltic Sea, the KMF is the first open water long-line mussel and algae aquaculture. Furthermore we are partnering in scientific projects and give presentations and guided tours for the public. As an organic certified company (DE-ÖKO006) we aim to give an insight in the possibilities of modern, environmentally friendly and sustainable aquaculture.

What is our main product and/or service?

Blue Mussels

How do we contribute to increased sustainability?


EU- organic certification (DE-ÖKO006)

What are we looking for?

cooperations, contacts and new ways to find a more sustainable future

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General Information

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Dr. Staufenberger

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1-10 employees

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Dr. Staufenberger

Education and Science, Co-owner