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Inobiostar was established in 2020 as a spin-off company of Klaipeda University. The company provides Research and Experimental Development services and unconventional approach solutions in the field of cleantech. Currently the company is developing deep-tech innovations to neutralize the consequences of oil spills at sea using special microorganisms and environmentally friendly, scalable, highly efficient, biodegradable and reusable waste paper-based material-sorbent – InnoAerogel.

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Even though we are moving toward a fossil-free economy, the world is still very dependent on oil, and there are numerous oil spills every year which have negative impact on local ecosystems, human health, and the economy. To collect oil waste from the water surface, modern industry either uses sorbents, which have to be disposed of with the oil waste (when collected), or chemicals, to make the oil waste heavier and allow it to sink to the seabed. There it is out of sight, but it does not solve the problem. So, there is a need for sustainable innovative solutions which will help to minimize risks for the local ecosystem and negative impact on human well-being. During oil spill disasters all local businesses including sailing, fishing, tourism as well as industries relying on fresh sea water are stopped and cannot resume their activities till the water has been cleaned up. We believe, that our innovation with its outstanding properties will create positive societal impact and contribute significantly to the recovery of local businesses. The problem which we are solving have never been so actual for the human with arising awareness on climate change and health. We see our mission to contribute significantly to the efforts of modern society to save the future. The company is currently together with Klaipeda University developing environmentally friendly solutions for marine oil spills cleanup – InnoAerogel and InoBioTech Baltija. Inobiotech Baltija is a joint project of Klaipeda University and Inobiostar supported by national Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology. In this project we are using oil eating microorganisms for oil spills cleanup. We found that some microorganisms use oil as a food. And we have only to create best conditions for them to fight with oil spills. So, in our labs we are combining those microorganisms with natural support materials like straw and saw dust. As well as simulating different application scenarios. And what is great about those microorganisms – they naturally exist in the Baltic Sea environment, meaning that this technology will not make secondary pollution. The technology is being patented at European Patent Office. Our next environmentally friendly and sustainable product is InnoAerogel. It is produced from the waste paper which is one of the biggest groups of waste with not fully utilised reusability potential. We use this kind of waste to produce high added value product – InnoAerogel. InnoAerogel could be used to clean-up oil spills at sea and in ports. The material could also be used in ships, ship repair, manufacturing plants, petrol stations and even car repair workshops. Compared to market analogues, InnoAerogel is at least twice as effective (1 g of aerogel material can absorb up to 30 g of oil pollutants, and market analogues only 10-20 g), half as light (density 20-30 kg/m3), has a high porosity (at least 95%) and can be reused up to 5 times. In addition to the listed advantages, the possibility of integrating oil-degrading microorganisms into the structure of aerogel, which could further speed up the cleaning of oil spills and solve the problem of disposing of used aerogel material and this technology is being patented in European patent office. The use of the invention will undoubtedly provide a significant competitive advantage for InnoAerogel. All this makes InoBioTech Baltija and InnoAerogel outstanding products on the market!

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Inobiostar was excited to participated in "TechHub" startups pre-accelerator program where the idea of InnoAerogel became TOP5 at TechHub Demo Day. We were selected to be a part of the program for climate-positive startups “Baltics & Slovakia ClimAccelerator 2021” supported by Climate-KIC.

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We are looking for the existing producers of the sorbents or a new investor willing to build new plant from the scratch to enter the market of sorbents.

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